When I was a child, I found myself amazed by the ingenuity of individuals like Tesla, who developed the mindset to have extraordinary inventions, or Napoleon, who developed brilliant strategies to defeat his enemies.

One day, I came across a book by Dr. Oliver Sacks. He provided numerous examples of how brain illnesses could impact one's thoughts and behavior. In that moment, I found myself fascinated by the topic, and suddenly, I knew the path I should start.

The brain is the source of all our great ideas and unique behaviors. By understanding how it works, I could unlock the secrets of human behavior. And so, my journey began.

I began my career as a cognitive neuroscientist during my master's degree program. Fortunately, my background in computer science made it easier for me to immerse myself in this interdisciplinary environment. From coding experiments, analyzing results and visualizing them.

I was also fortunate to meet many wonderful people, including colleagues and professors, who helped expand my network. This allowed me to gain exposure to a wide range of cutting-edge techniques, from hardware such as fMRI and two-photon microscopy to methods like reinforcement learning, machine learning, and image processing.

Driven by my ambitions, I challenged myself to pursue a PhD, which led me to join an incredible neuroscience program in Switzerland. Now, I am exposed to even more diverse experiences, such as EEG recordings and working with data from elderly and patients. These experiences have also strengthened my soft skills, including project management, international collaboration, and leadership.

With all these skills and experiences under my belt, I am eager to apply everything I've learned to make a difference in the world and my community. Utilizing my knowledge of brain-behavior relationships, I am confident that I can not only help entrepreneurs develop strategies, but also improve the well-being of people, especially the elderly and patients. I am excited to embark on my next journey!

Please, find my CV below if you want to have a deeper look into my experiences.