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Arboretum of Aubonne

 ·  ☕ 1 min read  ·  ✍️ Wei-Hsiang

It’s almost winter, but we decided to make a last-minute trip to the Aubonne Arboretum to catch the tail end of autumn. Aubonne is a charming little village north of Allaman, just a 10-minute bus ride away.

From the bus stop, it’s about a 20-minute walk to reach the entrance of the Arboretum. The path winds through a scenic, open landscape, offering a comfortable stroll through the countryside.

The entire botanical garden covers a large area and is divided into many paths that are clearly marked with different colors. Due to time constraints, we only walked two or three of the paths. We could see large swaths of red maple leaves in the garden, which was very beautiful.

On one of the paths, we even saw a Japanese garden style, with a small pond, many Japanese plants, and even a Japanese inscription that read “Wishing for world peace,” which was very interesting.

After walking around the park for a while, the sky gradually darkened, and we headed for home, walking slowly towards the sunset.